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Fluxx - Chemistry

Fluxx - Chemistry

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Chemistry Fluxx is the elemental card game where the rules are always changing. Use atoms and laboratory gear to match the current Goal and win! Chemistry Fluxx is the perfect compound of chance and skill, where you'll not only be playing with elements and molecules, but you'll also be learning about them! Chemistry Fluxx is so much fun you'll be playing it more than periodically.

This deck includes elements from the periodic table, atoms and molecule. Combine elements to form compounds. Lab ware included (as cards). This fast paced game isn't just fun, it can also help players with learning the elements.
Use it for STEM and building your knowledge of the periodic table of elements. Each of the molecular elements are listed with their Atomic number and their bohr Atomic model, and are color coded by Type: alkaline earth metals, transition metals, noble gases, etc.

Ages: 8+

Players: 2-6

Playtime: 5-30m
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