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Ramen! Ramen!

Ramen! Ramen!

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You've landed a spot on the line at one of the best ramen shops in the world — at least to the locals. It's a cozy three-seat where the ramen better be worth the wait, so you need to work quickly and carefully to send bowls flying.

But there's a catch: You've agreed with your fellow line cooks that whoever serves the most (and the best) bowls of ramen gets to walk away with all of the day's tips. Now it's time to fire up the noodle boilers and get to work on crafting the most delicious ramen possible — and engage in a bit of soup-subversion while you're at it!

Each turn in Ramen! Ramen!, players add ingredients to the ramen bowls waiting to be served, trying to build the highest point count before serving, while trying to avoid giving their opponent an opportunity to steal the points! Once the draw pile is empty, players rush to finish bowls, then count up points to see who is the best ramen chef.
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